Hi, my name’s Marina Lokteeva. Translated from Latin my name means a “charming PR manager from Moscow”, though some people believe that Marina means marine.
Perhaps, they are right as I like the sea very much. And the only thing I like better is PR.

I have 2 rules to obey:
1. I only take on interesting projects;
2. I make any project interesting.

My experience and connections enable me to transform a fly into an elephant easily, and then to make a cutlet out of the elephant, then to turn the cutlet into a piece of art.
I love my job. IPR!


I think that PR for a company is the same as clothing for a person. Thus my object is to select the clothes that match and fit; that are in a good taste. For the past 4 years I have helped two top Russian branding agencies, one popular radio-station and several Russian and foreign musicians to improve their image

I know how to:
  • Work out the entire PR-strategy;
  • Plan and budget the promotion;
  • Create and manage outer and inner communications system;
  • Organize and carry out advertising and PR-companies;
  • Take part in professional contests and festivals;
  • Create successful cases and videos;
  • Hold corporative and social events;
  • Negotiate productively;
  • Mountain ski and dress beautifully.
My clients:

Love radio, Direct Design Visual Branding, Depot WPF, Promo DJ